Why Endo-i®?

It’s a state-of-the-art way for performing upper and lower airway examinations and more. Working over its own secure wireless network, the Endo-i® captures and records its live video feed on one or multiple smart devices.


Gone are the days of trying to load and lift all your tower stacks into the back of your car or trying to juggle your clinic times so that you can practice from the only consultation room with the tower stack endoscope. The Endo-i® is fully portable and there is no loss of image quality, the Endo-i© also provides you with HD resolution.

Long procedures, worrying about battery life?

Each Endo-i® scope comes complete with two sets of rechargeable batteries providing a steady four hours of battery life per pair (when fully charged). We’ve also provided a charger in your Endo-i® hard case, giving you eight hours of consistent use if you need it.

Damaged Equipment? Our hard case can protect your Endo-i©

Not only does the Endo-i® and case come complete with leak test, batteries and brushes but each component has its own allocated holding space so everything fits snugly inside, blanketed by a cushion of protective foam whilst the outer case is made of a hard shell, giving you added protection for when you are driving down those lanes filled with potholes or you simply need to collect your belongings and move into another consultation room.

Real-time diagnostics via our app

Each Endo-i® comes with a tablet, all you need to do is visit the online app store and download our app. Once downloaded our intuitive app technology allows you to start recording video or capturing image stills which you can then email or store in the cloud… it really is that simple!

Reliable real-time imaging

Different to other wireless scopes that use Bluetooth to transmit imaging, the Endo-i® has a built-in Wi-Fi component that connects to your iPad or screen. This gives a significantly more reliable connection allowing you to get high definition imaging in real time. The Endo-i® combines usability with technology to give you a reliable and completely wireless alternative to traditional stacking systems without compromising on image quality.

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