On the 2nd of May, the Endo-i® team visited the Royal Veterinary College to support their equine gastroscopy day.

The equine vets at the RVC had the opportunity to use the fully wireless Endo-i® EQ3013, a veterinary endoscope developed and manufactured by STERIS for large animals such as horses.

During the day, the Endo-i® was used for gastroscopic examination of 8 horses. The RVC equine team got to experience the advantage of a smart enabled device with high-resolution images and video capabilities. One of the key benefits of the Endo-i® EQ3013 is the Endo-i® application which allows the vets to save images and videos to each patient file.

All images and videos were saved under the patient ID, Patient name and owner name. The images and videos can then be reviewed by several vets or saved as part of the patient record.

STERIS’ RevitalOx® high-level disinfection products were used to ensure that the device was fully cleaned and disinfected between each patient. The RevitalOx® high-level disinfectant has an exposure time of only 8 minutes making it ideal for busy practices or events such as this RVC gastroscopy day. The impressive battery life means that the Endo-i® operated without changing the batteries for all 8 horses!

Several equine vets used the scope during the day and the key benefits of the scope were evident: Easy to use, no setup time and excellent image quality and an impressive built-in light source.

“I think what differentiates the Endo-i® Gastroscope from other products on the market is that there are no compromises. The vets benefit from the same high-quality image and light source as with a stackable system making the Endo-i® just as ideal for in practice use as for ambulatory applications. With the AW2001 fully portable lens washing system you can use it in any examination room at any time resulting in flexibility for both in practice and ambulatory situations” – Anna Lindblad Technical product manager at STERIS.

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