STERIS might not be a name you have previously heard of in the veterinary industry but, in the healthcare sector we are a world leading provider of infection prevention technologies.

One of our key healthcare services in the UK is our decontamination and sterilisation service offering. If you were ever faced with requiring a procedure or surgery you would probably take it for granted that the instruments or devices that would be used are functional and sterile, right? This is where we come in, we provide these services to our Customers across our 21 UK facilities and globally we process over 150 million instruments every year!

The healthcare industry is heavily regulated when it comes to sterilising medical devices. There are national best practice guidelines as well as international regulations that set a high standard for how medical instruments and devices are processed. This makes a lot of sense since we all take for granted that any instruments or devices used on us are safe and reliable!

Therefore, it is surprising that there are no such regulations or guidelines in the veterinary industry. At STERIS Animal Health we are on a mission to change this and to support vets and vet nurses in improving their instrument management. We want animals to have the same quality of care as humans and we want the instruments and devices that are used on animals to be sterile and safe.

Managing your instruments/devices and your theatre environment properly has a significant impact on bringing down infection rates, this reduces cost but will also ensure that pet owners feel safe knowing that your practice follows standardised procedures when it comes to cleaning surgical instruments.

At STERIS we believe in an educational approach, working in partnership with the industries we do business with therefore, we will be arranging a series of CPD events where we will share best practice knowledge in decontamination and sterilisation. The aim of these CPD sessions is to provide an insight into how practices can improve the way they clean and sterilise their instruments and to give hands on tips and clear guidance that you can take back to your practice, so you can make a difference straight away!

The first CPD course will be held at one of our healthcare sterilisation super centres in Sheffield where we process over 7 million instruments every year. Experts within the field of managing medical instruments will give you an opportunity to learn about how we can learn from best practice methods in the health care industry. We will also provide a guided tour of the facility and undertake practical exercises and discussions to identify areas of improvement you can realistically implement. For more information and to reserve your space please contact

Join our mission to improve the sterilisation of medical instruments in the veterinary sector. Because animals deserve the same quality in care as humans!

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