Who is always there for you? Who always cheers you up when you are down? Who loves you unconditionally no matter what? Forget the wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend.

We have found the top 5 best gifts for our furry friends this valentine!

  • This set of matching pillowcases for you and your dog can be found at notonthehighstreet.co.uk
  • Why not cuddle up in matching pajamas from Fabdog.com? These come in several sizes and colours and are just adorable!
  • Struggling to take the perfect valentines selfie? The “Pooch selfie” will sort you out. Get it from Amazon.co.uk
  • Originally made for humans, our furry little friends have decided that they absolutely love the massage face roller. Find the Catcalmer™ at shopparoo.com
  • Deep down you have always known it… your pet is special and extremely clever. Prove it by going through the fun tests in the “How smart is your Dog”- book. And don’t worry… there is a version for cats too! From www.worldofbooks.com

The best thing about pets (apart from the fact that they don’t talk) is that your company means the world to them! If you feel like the gift ideas are not for you, go for an extra-long walk, do something they love to do or simply treat them to their favourite meal.

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