We’ve “sniffed out” some reliable sources to look at the true cost of owning a pet. Unfortunately a lot of people underestimate these costs and as such many pets end up in re-homing shelters.

The PDSA recently undertook some research to ask the public how much they estimated the cost of their pets care and upbringing across their lifetime to be. 98% of pet owners underestimated these costs’ significantly with 12% ( 2.6m ) placing the cost at £500 for a dog when the true cost is between £21k to £33k.

At STERIS Animal Health Services we are all about responsible pet ownership so, if you are thinking about becoming a pet parent take a look at our handy infographic to help you decide if a pet is for you.

Alternatively if pet ownership is a little beyond your means at the moment but you don’t have to miss out, lots of pet charities are always on the look out for volunteers and with apps such as “Borrow my doggy” (http://www.borrowmydoggy.com) you can walk and spend time with a dog without the expense but all the benefits that a dog can bring. You could also volunteer at your local stables or cattery.

STERIS Animal Health Services supports vets to deliver excellent surgical care to all animals, helping to create a healthier and safer world. Our human medical grade instruments and range of diagnostic devices make us the provider of choice so your pet patient has the very best care always.

Written by Mandeep Dulku, Commercial and Finance Manager

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