Originally from Sweden, Anna joined STERIS about 2.5 years ago after graduating from Warwick University with a master’s degree in engineering business management. Anna began her journey as a Graduate with our internal Quality Team. After working with the Quality Team for a year, Anna developed a passion (and slight obsession) for ISO 13485 and the Medical Devices Directive. Once her placement with the Quality Team came to a close, Anna joined the Marketing team at STERIS Instrument Management Services, managed by Kat who had just set up STERIS Animal Health and the rest is history!


“I am very fortunate in that I love my job here at STERIS and am incredibly excited about our new adventures in the veterinary market. Every day is different, we have an amazing team spirit and best of all, sometimes I even get to cuddle animals as part of my job!”

Anna applies her experience of engineering, project management and commitment to quality combined with her knowledge of healthcare standards and research into the veterinary market to develop and adapt the Animal Health product range, always implementing our “Pet-Patient First” value.

In her spare time, Anna has decided to embrace British culture by beginning a horse polo career and has already begun lessons. She says that this is harder than it looks, especially as she is left-handed but has no doubts that she will be a professional in no time….so watch this space!

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