So, the UK is in the grips of a heatwave and whilst we reach for those flip-flops and shorts it is important we remember our beloved K9’s.

  1. Vets recommend that dogs are walked early in the morning or later in the evening, this is because the sun is at its hottest during the day (especially 1-3pm) dogs (unlike humans) cool themselves down through panting and sweating through their paws and are prone to overheating in extreme heat, they can also burn their pads on hot tarmac. You can check the temperature of the pavement using the back of your hand – too hot for you, too hot for pooch!
  2. If your pet has a long coat, consider taking them for a hair cut in the warmer months, this will help them to stay cool
  3. We have all seen the social media posts, but puppy parents should avoid leaving their dog in the car when it is not running. Leaving pets in a hot car even for a short amount of time can potentially cause heatstroke and can be fatal!
  4. If you have a paddling pool filling this with tepid water in the shade can be a great way for your dog to stay cool, and by immersing their paws it helps them to cool down, just remember (like babies) do not leave your dog unattended in water.
  5. Much like us, the warm weather will make your pet thirsty – ensure that they have access to fresh, clean drinking water throughout the day.
  6. If you own small outdoor pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs, try not to leave their hutch in direct sunlight during the day. This can get a little bit too warm for them, instead opt for a shaded part of the garden where they will be able to stay nice and cool. You could even leave them a container (a bottle or jar) filled with ice so that they have something cool to lie against.
  7. If you have pets with little fur or hairless pets such as a Chinese crested dog or sphynx cat or even pets with pale fur, just like us, their skin may need protection from the sun, consider purchasing a pet-friendly sun cream for them.

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