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Our team provide the foundation for our work, they are the beating heart of operations at STERIS Animal Health HQ. As a team we are bold and committed to a shared vision that sees us support the veterinary community to deliver the very best in surgical care for all animals

Kat Holt

Corporate Development Director

Attention to detail is the blueprint for our business. All too often businesses can lose sight of how important detail is to its Customers, by generating lots of ideas for evolving, diversifying and omitting focus on the small things that matter. All of these strategies are of course relevant, but every Customer wants to be treated to the very best service at all times (regardless of new developments happening within a business). It’s the same commitment to excellent service that we have founded our business principles on, from simplicity of ordering via our dedicated website, through to delivery.

At STERIS Animal Health we strive to get the basics right: Customer service and human grade quality instruments combined with leading diagnostic solutions and consumables.

Anna Lindblad

Technical Product Manager

My nickname is “Captain Fearless”. I earned this nickname from family and friends in my childhood, following visits to fields, yards and farms, regardless of the size of the animal I am compelled to try cuddling or holding a one-sided conversation with them. When you are embroiled in spreadsheets and operational planning it can be very easily forgotten as to what the business is about so I take every opportunity to spend time with the animals and Customers in order to constantly apply a grass roots approach to our marketing and development.

So far this year, I have been involved in developing new products to add to our expanding range, my aim is to provide Customers with choice and quality combined. My focus for this year has largely been focused on bringing the Endo-i® range of WiFi-enabled endoscopes to the European market from our US family. This has been really exciting for me as having completed a masters degree in engineering and business I am now able to apply that learning to such an important cause in animal care and diagnostics.

Mandeep Dulku

Commercial Finance Manager

I joined the STERIS business as Finance Manager having previously worked at NHS England, being involved in such an energetic and driven new team with a focus on the veterinary sector has been a fascinating process. We want to deliver our Customers quality at a great price and my role is key to that, working with the rest of the team on new product launches, pricing and contracts for our bigger Customers.

The girls have told me however, I am not a fully- edged member of the team till I get a pet, so now I guess it is only a matter of time till I hear the pitter patter of four legged paws.

Aimee Figliolini

Social Media and Marketing Executive

I initially joined the STERIS family in their healthcare business in 2011 working in their sterilisation faculty in Leicester (having moved over from the NHS). Then two years ago I joined the commercial team at STERIS HQ Derby supporting marketing across healthcare and animal health.

I organise events, create social media posts and help the team with any marketing activity and of course the website. I am passionate about the wellbeing of animals and so this is more than a job for me (so much more).

Mike Bellinger

Clinical Development Specialist

I have worked passionately in the veterinary business for over 16 years now and it is an absolute delight to be part of such a warm, energetic team that are driven by both their love of animals and the desire to ensure that the surgical treatment that they receive is the very best that it can be. These are the founding principles that I have maintained whilst working in various roles in the veterinary industry.

I am so excited about the pipeline of products planned that are to come from STERIS Animal Health. These new innovations will add real value to our portfolio, but more importantly will help save the lives of the veterinary patients that we all love so much. This year I will be working on developing brand awareness, both by regular visits into Veterinary Hospitals and practices, organising customer experience days and driving education by means of CPD events. I eagerly look forward to bringing you all along on this exciting journey.

Tarn Hopkins

Web & Communications Manager

I support the team using digital channels such as the website and intranet. I am an advocate for utilising digital in a transactional capacity (just as we would as consumers) and that just because our Customers are vets those principles of online availability should still be available in our professional lives. This year I will be helping to develop and launch a new STERIS online shopping experience meaning our Customers can buy everything online from the comfort of their staff rooms, clinics or sofas.

Being part of the Animal Health team I also have the same underlying principles of dedication to animals and the environment. It would be remiss of me not to draw attention to the benefits of digital in lowering the use of paper and administrative burden, but the team does not stop there. Why not download our CSR strategy to find out what other commitments we make to our Customers and the planet we live in?

Alastair Humphrey

Strategic Operations and Supply Chain Manager

Many businesses talk about Customers as if they are some spectral ghost. Here at Animal Health, the team takes a different view. The Customer is a name, a face and we pride ourselves on knowing that person. Every conversation with a Customer, supplier or industry partner gives us an opportunity to make that person’s day a little bit brighter and us a little bit more knowledgeable. We try to achieve this by showing our high passion for the work we are doing and our dedication to making a difference to the pet patients who may benefit from our products.

I joined the STERIS Animal Health team at the start of 2019 taking on the leadership of the operations and supply chain for the business. I was drawn in by the team’s enthusiasm and excitement. Previously I have worked within the wider STERIS group, focusing on helping businesses achieve service excellence, stronger financial performance and delivering significant strategic investments.

I share a cockerpoo with my sister.

Steve Glover

Warehouse Coordinator

I was born and raised in the countryside, surrounded by farming land. Three of my uncles ran their own farms so, I’m definitely a country lad at heart. As a result, a lot of my youth was spent helping out my uncles during the Summer Holidays. My grandad was a gardener to a Lord who kept a few horses, again I often helped out here too, but always seemed to be cleaning out the stables.

I have been in the healthcare business for 18 years, with a focus on the distribution aspect of the business. When I was asked to join the Animal Health team last year, the exciting challenges ahead and provision of quality products to the Animal Health industry was an opportunity too good to miss! An added benefit for me is that I now get to work with my passionate and sometimes crazy colleagues!

Distribution is my passion, so I will always provide the best possible delivery service to meet our Customer needs, ensuring that we provide the best customer service we can.

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